Depth psychology and New Zealand society
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Born and educated in Dunedin, New Zealand, Josh Stevenson has, for many years, had an interest in the relationship between the world in which people live and the role of the unsconcious in producing that world.

He has ten years training in depth psychology which included his own analysis and his main area of interest is New Zealand society.

Having lived in London for eight years he was very interested to note the differences in world view that exist between the British working and middle classes as a function of psycho-social operation.

Statement of political affiliation.

A member of the political right, in 1983 he organised the Dunedin launch of the New Zealand Party for its founder Bob Jones.

During his time in London he served the British Conservative Party as a school governor, candidate and Association Chairman.

On his return to New Zealand in 1993 he was involved in the general election of that year as aide to the late Mr John Kennedy, who was at that time the Otago Member of the Management Commitee of the newly formed New Zealand First political party.

Prior to the 1996 general election he resigned his Chairmanship of the Dunedin North Electorate Committee of New Zealand First, together with his membership, on the basis that he was unable to support the breach of the principle of the individual's ownership of their own labour that was inherent in the Party's "work for the dole" scheme.

Currently he has no political involvement.


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