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Letter to the Otago Daily Times in response to the Dr Edwards story

8 December 1999

The Editor
Otago Daily Times
P O Box 181

Dear Sir,

The Centre for Psycho-sociological Development notes with interest the comments of Radio New Zealand's Chief Executive, Sharon Crosbie, - in regard to Dr Brian Edwards - " . . . of the importance of political independence". (ODT 8.12.99).

The Centre had in fact become concerned with Ms Crosbie's own political involvement with government policy and requested from her confirmation of her involvement with the political right.

On the 10 November 1998 Ms Crosbie wrote to the Centre and confirmed that she had held positions on two government committees. First, the committee that was set up to determine those health services which would constitute "core" services and second, the committee that was set up to replace the British honours system with a New Zealand system.

The Centre finds disturbing the facts that first, the Chief Executive of a publicly funded radio organisation in a democracy should involve herself in overtly political activities and second, then make public statements regarding the need for political independence of the very organisation she heads.

Yours faithfully,



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