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Our ref: ACD 6

Date: 10.2.1997
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To:                       Mr. J.M. Stevenson
                            Centre for Psycho-Sociological
                            7, Mc Curdy Street,
                            DUNEDIN 9011

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FROM:                M. A. Zenger,
                            International Labour Office,

FAX:                    4122 799 69 26

Dear sir,

Thank you for your communication dated 18 December 1996 in which you asked for clarification of the position of the Committee of Experts on the Applications of Conventions and Recommendations in regard to an obligation to work imposed by legislation on unemployed persons as a condition for qualification for unemployment benefits, in connection with the application of the Forced Labour convention, 1930 (No 29).

Please find attached, for your information, copies of relevant comments addressed by the Committee of Experts to Chile (with regard to legislation concerning unemployment benefits) and to the Federal Republic of Germany (with regard to legislation concerning social assistance entitlments).

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