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Chief Executive Crosbie's response to the request for confirmation of political activity

10 November 1998

Mr J M Stevenson
Centre for Psycho-sociological Development
7 McCurdy Street

Dear Mr Stevenson

I refer to your letter of 2 November 1998.

I apprehend you are disappointed Radio New Zealand has not yet reported the intention of your Society to lodge a complaint with the ILO. We cannot and do not report the intentions of each and every body or citizen who has a particular political viewpoint. No doubt the News staff will review the matter if and when the complaint proceeds and is determined.

For your information, although as Chief Executive I am ultimately accountable to the Board of Directors for the management and conduct of Radio New Zealand, I do not determine the programme content (except at the broadest policy level).

The answers to each of your specific questions are:

Question 1. "No"
Question 2. "Yes"
Question 3. "Yes"

These are matters of public record.

Yours faithfully

Sharon Crosbie

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