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Correspondence with the Mayor of Dunedin - One.

12 May 1997

Mayor Sukhi Turner
Dunedin City Council
P.O. Box 5045

Dear Mayor Turner,

Nearly two months ago now, the Centre wrote to the Chief Executive of the Dunedin City Council, Mr Murray Douglas, with regard to certain matters in respect of the Forced Labour Convention, 1930. As neither a reply nor an acknowledgment has been received from Mr Douglas, it is considered that the matter should now perhaps be taken up with the elected representatives of the people of Dunedin.

Would you therefore please find enclosed a copy of the documentation that was sent to Mr Douglas on that occasion, in addition to copies of further information which are included in the interests of completeness.

This ancillary documentation includes copies of the original fax to the International Labour Organisation, and the fax to the New Zealand Department of Labour and its reply of the 20th December 1996. It should be noted that despite the assurance given by the Labour Department, no further correspondence has been received from that organisation.

As the views of the Centre on this matter are perhaps best expressed in its formal complaint to Television New Zealand and its subsequent referral to the Broadcasting Standards Authority, please find enclosed copies of the relevant correspondence in that matter. These comprise copies of the complaint to TVNZ, TVNZ's reply, the letter of referral to the Broadcasting Standards Authority, TVNZ's reply to the Authority and the final comments of the Centre.

The Authority has not as yet reached a decision on this matter.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

J M Stevenson (Mr)


27 May 1997

Mr J M Stevenson
7 McCurdy Street

Dear Mr Stevenson


Thank you for your letter and supporting information of 12 May.

I have noted the points you make and thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.

Yours sincerely

Sukhi Turner


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