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For documentation of the complaint laid against Prime Minister Shipley and the Minister of Employment with the New Zealand Human Rights Commission click here

Correspondence with Prime Minister Bolger on forcing the unemployed to work against their will  here

Correspondence with Minister of Justice on the equitable implementation of international agreements: forced labour  here

The Centre's submission to the Electoral Law Select Committee on matters relating to the funding of the aging population can be found  here

A letter to the Minister of Corrections on crime and penal reform can be found  here

Letter to Prime Minister Clark on the police shooting of an unarmed man at Waitara  here
In the above letter to Prime Minister Clark, a Labour prime Minister, the Centre said in part that " . . . the Centre takes the view that the lives of the disadvantaged in this country do not register as meaningful in the minds of the powerful." It now transpires that Prime Minister Clark has in fact apparently used pejorative lanquage herself in opposing the possibilty of the disadvantaged taking up residence in her neighbourhood. A transcript of her submission - made as a private individual but faxed by a staff member on letterhead - to her local authority, can be found  here


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